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Polymer Clay Time Lapse Video: “Silver Tongued Devil” Alien Face Sculpture

This one isn’t exactly a tutorial. Just a time lapse video. I decided film a few videos while I try to get the lighting set up just right. I’m also trying to learn to shoot using manual settings instead of leaving it on auto. And, on top of all of that, I’m trying to teach myself how to work in smaller, more restricted areas on my work surface in order to stay in frame when I’m doing videos. This is one of the videos I shot while doing this. It’s not the greatest quality video. The original video was too dark, and ooops… I started singing along with the radio (please remind me to never do that again!). I did brighten the video up a little while editing, but it still isn’t perfect. But if you’re interested in sculpting alien or monster faces out of polymer clay, hopefully this helps you a little. 🙂