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Getting Back to Work

Ok, so the web-site is up and running, now it’s time to get back to the fun stuff…er… work. Yeah, that’s right.. that’s what I meant. “Work”. 😉

While I was rewriting the descriptions for the tutorials so I could list them here, I realized that, for a lot of these designs, I hadn’t played around with them in a really long time. So I decided that I would start working from some of my own tutorials again and see what variations I can come up with. First up, my Odyssey – Woven Bezel for a Cabochon Tutorial

For this one I kept it pretty much true to the tutorial, except for one thing. I didn’t want the spiral that is at the bottom of the bail for the original design to cover up the detail on the face. Instead of making the spiral, I twisted both front wires together and pressed them against the bail, securing it in the back.

For this next one, I combined my Woven Bezel Tutorial with my Cobra Head Bail Pendant Tutorial

Because there are two sets of wires at the top of the pendant to work with, the basic woven bezel design lends itself very well to layered bails. For this one I decided to take advantage of that and not only layer it, but make a Cobra Head Bail as well. Instead of bringing the weave all the way to the front like in the Cobra Head Bail tutorial, I secured them to the woven bezel in a subtle wavy pattern, ending with asymmetrical swirls. I also changed up the weave a little bit so that it was a little less dense. This way you can see the green from the edge of the cabochon through the weave. It also helps to accentuate the mixed metals look I was going for, since you can see the gold colored frame wire behind the silver colored weaving wire.

This wasn’t the first time I’ve combined the two tutorials. I made the one below several years ago. I just forgot about it until after I made the new one.

For this one, I kept the denser weave. I felt it created a better frame for such a dark stone. I also kept the swirls on the sides symmetrical.

And now for the obligatory shameless self promotion stuff…yeah, you didn’t think you’d get away from it that easy did you?

If you’re here, I’m guessing you already know where to get the tutorials. Just click the links above each set of photos for the tutorials I talk about here. Or click on the “Shop” button above the blog post (in the black header bar) to see more tutorials.

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