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Woven Swirls Carnival
Pendant Tutorial

Adjustable Swirly Ring

Beaded Hoop Link
Wire Bracelet Tutorial

Treble Clef Ear
Cuff Tutorial

Dance Around the Sun
Woven Pendant Tutorial

Ornate Ear Cuff
Wire Jewelry Tutorial

Spiral Beaded Wire
Earring Tutorial

Wire Wrapped Beaded
Cross Pendant Tutorial

Coiled Wire Frame for a
Stone Pendant Tutorial

Basic Wire Weaving
Techniques: Simple Weaves

Basic Weaving Techniques:
Adding Beads

Wire Wrapped “Knotted”
Headpin Tutorial

How to Wrap Briolettes
and Bead Clusters

Wire Wrapped Connector
Post Tutorial

How to Measure Wire
for a Ring Shank

Free Video Tutorials

If you would like for me to do a video tutorial for any of the lessons above, feel free to contact me to let me know. 🙂